Tips to Enhance Progression in Growtopia

Ubisoft Entertainment offers some of the best and unique gameplay mobile titles with advanced features to enhance the overall gameplay. If you are a die-hard gamer of Growtopia, then you may know how addictive the gameplay is. From earning gems to building your own world, a huge number of things require focus toward the better progression, and this guide will come in handy to help you out.

In case you are the first-time gamer and looking after the effective ways to earn gems, focus on effective strategy and several other important factors, then we are here to help.

  1. Focus on WLS

No doubt, WLS or world locks play an important role in the effective progression and being an advanced gamer. It is the primary currency that is required to build your virtual world and buy all the necessary stuff in this game. It is better from the small locks and etc. locks.

Rare and special things are easy to purchase with the use of the same that’s why you can consider it. you can unlock angel wings and the devil wings. They are available for 98 world lock and 170 world lock. It is an easy way to enhance progression and play this game insecure manner.

In case you can’t earn a sufficient amount, then you need to look after the alternative option like focusing on the purchase of the same currencies by spending the real money. It is a slightly less effective option, and you should avoid the same.

  1. Trading, and wrench

Two different things that you need to learn are trading and wrench. You can tap any block or any item (for example – your clothes), and then you can find yourself punching. You need to tap the “Fist” button to convert it into the wrench.

Do the same and now tap on the person; this is called trading. So, this seems like a bit typical, but it is the only effective method of trading. You need to learn it because you have to use it in several parts of the game. This will let you trade effectively and build the world.

  1. Door Codes

With the help of door codes, you can connect to other doors at the same time. Learning the working of a door is a bit complicated, and you can watch some YouTube videos to learn it. Or, you can check out the examples codes to learn it.

  1. Farming World Locks

As mentioned before, world locks matter a lot, and you need to follow a couple of tips to earn them effectively. You can look after the dirt and rock seeds to earn them. This will be an effective option that will ease up the work, and you can rely on the same.

For a first-time player, making grass is the very simple and most reliable option that you can consider over the other methods. The only issue is, you need to wait for the growth of grass and let it finish growing. After that, you can get all the advantages with ease.


Hope, Aforementioned tips will let you increase the chances of strategic gameplay and keep on getting better in this mobile title.

Make sure that you do not focus on any alternative option like third party websites to earn free gems because they can make you face trouble, and they can get your account banned from accessing the game.

These are some important factors that you should not avoid because if you stay strategic, the gameplay will lead you toward being a better gamer.

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