How to Earn World Locks in Growtopia?

Growtopia is a unique kind of mobile title from Ubisoft Entertainment in the adventure category. This game is all about exploring the new world and keep on progressing. You can download this game for iOS and Android devices for free. However, the developers of the game are offering in-app purchases option to buy the virtual currency.

Spending real money on the purchase of virtual currency is not an effective option. That’s why you can consider following some basic tips. For a first-time gamer, it is a bit typical to progress without the help of world locks because you need to get the devil wings. Even you can buy clothes and other necessary items using the same.

  1. Farming

You can create a farm by finding a world that is easy to remember, and you can easily type name there. Now, you can name it world lock, and if you don’t have world lock, then you can put some small, big, or any kind of huge lock. Everything will work because you are starting the farming of the world lock.

  1. Making Grass

By making grass, you will be earning world lock pretty easily. The only thing is, you need to wait for the growth of farming, and it will come in handy to make you one of the best gamers. You need to wait for the same until you have so many seeds, more than 50, and below 200 in each category. This will provide you free world locks because you can convert them easily.

  1. Chandeliers

The purchase of chandeliers is also an effective choice that provides you free world locks. You can buy a world lock worth of chandelier, and it can be done at the vending machine. You need a world lock which worth equal to the chandelier. In case you have a few numbers of chandeliers, then you can focus on farming, and they will keep on providing you more in the later stage of the game, which is an effective option.

  1. Selling Chandeliers

Once you have chandeliers and you are farming them in huge quantities, then you can sell them at the vending machine. It will let you obtain free world locks. You can use them to buy other important stuff in this game, which is an effective and most reliable method of progression for a beginner.

Bottom Line

Make sure that you avoid the purchase of virtual currency by spending real money. After following all the above-mentioned tips, you can boost the farming with ease.

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