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Growtopia is an entertaining online game where you need to plant seeds, earn in-game currencies, and build an awesome world for you and your community. You won’t have any goals in the game, as your main task will be to acquire innumerable worlds that are interconnected, and in which you can build anything of your choice with the help of friends.

Growtopia Hack 2020

As the name of the game goes, most of the things like lava, dirt, jetpacks, etc. can be grown on trees. Some of the quests that you need to complete in the game are to become the best chef, sew unique clothing, finish an interesting puzzle, and much more. So, are you ready to entire the world of Growtopia where you can collect seeds, grow trees, harvest them to make new seeds, and have lots of fun? Before you start playing the game, read these crucial aspects of the Growtopia game so that your gameplay gets simpler:

How To Earn Gems In Growtopia?

Gems are the primary currency in Growtopia, which will be required for buying World Locks as well as various resources from the game store. Gems will even be needed for participating in numerous events and upgrading the existing resources. Earning Gems is not an easy task; especially because you spend way more than you earn! Hence, most of the players spend real cash to purchase Gems or depend on Growtopia hack tool to generate them instantly.

How To Acquire World Lock, The Special Currency Of Growtopia?

The only way to speed up the process of procuring world lock, which is a kind of currency, is by taking help from friends. Look out for a world name that does not have any locks. There are different sizes of locks available in the game like small, big, huge, etc. You can select any of the locks and put in the world. With the help of friends, clean up the entire world by removing lava, rocks, dirt, etc. The cleaning up process as well as watching advertorial videos will let you earn plenty of Gems. Moreover, by recycling the lava and dirt, you will be able to earn some more Gems. Loads of Gems will enable you to purchase a World Lock and World Key. Don’t forget to sell off the clear world for a good price to other gamers!

Few Tips To Make Growtopia Game Simpler

  • Whenever you get stuck up with something, you can use the gaming chat feature and get your queries resolved by chatting with Growtopians.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for the Growtopia forum where you can keep yourself updated with new features, pro tips, and much more.
  • Be careful of the orange-colored lava blocks on the grid! If you stand on them then your gaming character will die and you will have to start playing the game again.
  • Loot the resources of your friends by visiting their world. Remember that your pals can also do the same thing.
  • Whatever you grow in the game has a rarity rating, so check them out before you start growing. Search for higher rarity rating things as they will let you earn more Gems.
  • If you are in dire need of Gems, then you can certainly use Growtopia Hack but another alternative is to sell off the extra clothing that you have. If it is a rare cloth then you can even sell it for a world lock.
  • To purchase items like goggles, crystal cape, challenge timer, megaphone, etc. from the gaming store, you will require Growtokens.
  • Try using our Growtopia cheats

To conclude, Growtopia is a fun game that can be played by kids as well as adults. So, embark now for Growtopia’s beautiful world and enjoy your leisure time with our latest Growtopia Cheats!

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